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January 22, 2009

Dr. R. A. Samdani  is an objective scholar and one of  few  Pakistani experts  in the field of library and information science, who have made great contribution to the promotion of librarianship and library literature in Pakistan. He has  30 books and above 200 articles/papers  to his credit.

Dr. Samdani received his Ph. D degree in Social Sciences (Library and Information Science) from Hamdard University in 2009. The topic of his research was “Role of Hakim Mohammad Said  Shaheed in the Promotion of Library Movement and Development of Libraries in Pakistan”,  thesis was submitted in 2006 and the degree was awarded in 2009. He is the first Ph D on Hakim Muhammad Said. Dr. Samdani received his Master Degree in Library Science in  1972 in first Division and  M. A. in Political  Science in 1985 , both from the University of  Karachi.

Dr. Samdani has workded as Associate Professor in the Department of Library and Informaion Sciences, Unversity of Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan. He also served for 35 years as an Academic Librarian in various educational institutions in Karachi. Presently he is Associate Chief  Editor, Pakistan Library & Information Science Journal and the Dirctor, School of Librarianship, sponsored by Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group.

On-Line Publications:

1)            Periodical Literature in Library and Information Science:  an Index of 50 Years

Works in Pakistan (1947-1997)/by Rais Ahmed Samdani and Khalid Mahmood   Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group. 1999

Web Site

2)            On-Line Index of Pakistan Library Bulletin: Volume 1 – 33 (1968 – 2002)     Web Site:

4)            Muhammad Adil Usmani: an eminent Pakistani Librarian. Pakistan Library Bulletin. XXIV(4), pp: 10-16, December 1993.

Also on internet with photograph of Mr. M. Adil Usmani Web side

5)            “Doctoral Research in Library and Information Science by Pakistani

Professionals: an analysis” published in an on-line journal Library Philosophy and Practice 2011 annual issue, Dr. Rubina Bhatti as co-author.