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Conferences/Seminars attented by Dr. Rais Samdani and present papers

August 8, 2010

Conferences/Seminars attended and present Papers

International Conference

Pakistan Library Association  Golden Jubilee International Conference, organized by PLA Punjab on 28 – 29 November 2007 at Awan-e-Iqbal, Lahore. The theme of the conference was ‘Emerging Paradigm in Librarianship: a call for innovation’.

National Conferences:

Present a welcom address as President PakLAG Sindh chapter in a workshop for Library & Information Professionals on “iting References using Endnote Software on Saturday, September 26 2009. The workshop was organized by PakLAG with the collaboration of Special Libraries Association, Asian Chapter and Pakistan Library Club a IT Lab. Rangoonwalla Community Centre, Bahadurabad, Karachi.

    Delivered a lecture on “Librarianship in Karachi.” During lecture, described the history of librarianship in Karachi including LIS education, professional association, professional literature, eminent personalities and eminent libraries. in the Department of Library & Information Science, University of the Punjab on May 18, 2009.

    Attended 18th two-day Pakistan Library Association (PLA) Conference held at International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) from 11-12 May 2009.          Library professionals attended the conference. Dr. Anwar Hussain             Siddiqui President IIUI was the chief guest, Abdul Jalil Bazgi, President PLA     highlighted role of libraries for building a nation. Yaqoob Ali, and others also          spoke at the opening ceremony of the conference.

    Delivered a Lecture on Role of professional associations in the promotion and the development of librarianship in Pakistan” on Friday the 13 June 2008. Organized by the Department of Library and Information Science, University of Balochistan, Quetta. Students of the Previous and Final class of MLIS was attended. Faculty members was also present.

    Participated and present paper in 17th All Pakistan Library Association Conference held from 26 – 28 March 2007 at National Library of Pakistan. Present a paper entitled Role of College Library in 21st Century.

    Pa rticipated and present a paper on Academic Libraries as learning Resource Centre in a seminar organized by DHA Central Library on           14th Feb 2007,

    Attended and read a paper on ‘Library Education and Training for semi professionals in Pakistan’. The programme was organized by the Deffence Central Library on 26th July 2005 at DCL Library Auditorium, Karachi.

    Participated as a speaker in the seminar on libraries and Promotion of Reading Habits in the Digital Age and Official Launching of World Heritage in Young Hands: the teachers resource kit , presented a paper entitled Reading Habit and Libraries. The function was organized by the PLA (Federal Branch, Islamabad and UNESCO in collaboration with National Library of Pakistan and Pakistan Publishers & Booksellers Association on April 23-24, 2003 at  Islamabad.

    Participated as speaker in th seminar held on 21st  Century and the Libraries, organized by the PLA Sindh, on April 9, 1997 at  UGC Auditorium, Liaquat Memorial Library

    Participated and read paper in Seminar on ‘Role and Importance of Public Libraries’, organized by the KMC, on 27th May 1993 at Awan-e-Rafat,  Faizi Rehmeen Arts Gailri,  Karachi, Dr.  G.A. Sabzwari was the Chief Guest.

    Attended a seminar and present a paper on ‘Role of Public  Libraries  with  Special  Reference  to  Municipal  Corporation, organized by the PLA, at NILAT, Karachi on April  28, 1993. Dr. Farman FatehPuri  was the Chief Guest.

    Participated and read a paper in .the National Library Week on ‘Libraries  Build  Nation’ organized  by  the  PLA,  Sindh  Branch Council, on April 29, 1993.

    Participated and read a paper in the Seminar on ‘Role of College Libraries  in  Education’ organized  by the PLA,  Sindh Branch Council, at NILAT, Karachi on April. 26, 1993. Dr. Muhammad Qasim Siddiqui, Director, College Education, Karachi Region was the Chief Guest.

    Participated  and  read  paper  entitled  Mobile Library in the  Seminar on Karachi  City Library, It was organized by KMC with cooperation of    SPIL at Avari Towers, Karachi. Hakim Muhammad Said presided over the function on  Nov .  11,  1992.

    Participated and   read  two  papers in the PLA 14th bi-annual Conference on (Impact of Library Legislation on the Development of Library Services in Pakistan’ held at University of  Karachi on 7-9, March 1991 the topic of the papers :Library Legislation in Pakistan: Problems and Prospects. Library Legislation and School Libraries.

    Participated and  read  a paper in a  Seminar on ‘Mobile Library Services organized  by the Govt.  of  Sindh,  Department .  of  Culture,  at Liaquat Memorial Library on May 18, 1989.

    Participated  and  read  a  paper  on ‘ College Libraries and their Problems’ in  the  Extension  Lectures  Series  ‘Essential  Role  of Libraries and Information Centre in the Provision and Transmission of Knowledge’organized by PLA, (Headquarters) Karachi on June 17-21, 1989.

    Participated and read a paper entitled ‘Standard for Undergraduate Library  Education  in  Pakistan’ in  two  days  Workshop  on ‘Standardization of Library services in Pakistan‘ organized by PLA, Headquarter, Karachi on January 28-29, 1989.

    Participated  in the  PLA  13th  Conference  held  at Balochistan University, Quetta, 1985.

    Participated in the PLA 10th Conference held at University of Punjab, New Campus, Lahore from 31 August to  3 September 1975.

    Attended  Seminar on Library Development in Pakistan held on August 26, 1971, organized by the Society for Promotion and  Improvement of Libraries (SPIL) at Karachi.

    Participated  as student of Library Science, Dept. of LS, University of Karachi in  the  8th PLA   Conference  held  at  Karachi  on 22-24, June   1971, at  University of  Karachi as student of MLS.

    Also attended many Special Courses and Workshops